Pitfire Artisan Pizza, 5211 Lankershim Blvd. NoHo (on the patio) – Wednesday, October 24th, 2018
It’s a FREE Halloween Event… See our Facebook Event to RSVP: CLICK HERE!

Local authors read and tell spooky stories. Plus, we open it up for open mic readings after the scheduled readers. Come early if you’d like to sign up to read/tell a scary story (under five minutes).

Feel free to order food and drinks. Stories might be frightening to young children—recommend ages 13+.

Brought to you by: Black Chateau; The Horror Writers Association SoCal; Women’s National Book Association, Los Angeles; Independent Writers of Southern California; and Wine, Women, Words

Authors scheduled to read at SCARY STORIES AROUND THE PIT FIRE include:

• Laurie Finkelstein, artist and author of Next Therapist Please
• Mark J. Rose, screenwriter and author of Matt Miller in the Colonies
• Mike Robinson, author of The Enigma of Twilight Falls trilogy, The Prince of Earth, and Dreamshores
• Sean Patrick Traver, author of Wraith Ladies Who Lunch, Red Witch: The Tales of Ingrid Redstone, and Graves End
• Diana Giovinazzo Tierney, writer, editor in chief of Creating Herstory, and co-host of the Wine, Women and Words literary podcast
• Flo Selfman, copy editor-proofreader, PR consultant, and immediate past president (2003-2016) of IWOSC, Independent Writers of Southern California
• Robin Reed, author of Mama, the short story collection Halloween Sky and Other Nightmares, and a forthcoming trilogy in 2019
• Brad C. Hodson, author of Darling, George’s Intervention and Administrator for the Horror Writers Association
• Tori Eldridge, author of Amelia Delia Lee, former actress and ninja
• Naomi Brett Rourke, author of Devil’s Night in Trigger Warning; Coyote, which is in Straight Outta Tombstone by Baen Books; and Resurrection, in December’s The Saturday Evening Post
• Vanta M. Black, author of Oubliette—A Forgotten Little Place and the forthcoming They Bite
• Eddie Louise, author of TransMIGRATIONS, writer of audio-drama podcast The Tales of Sage and Savant
• Christina Cigala, TV writer, producer and author of XXvXY: The Final World War
• Robert Yehling, author Voices, Writes of Life and many more

The event is free, but seating may be limited! 

Americans Celebrate Women

We are celebrating the newly released Women in the Literary Landscape produced by WNBA members. The book is now available on amazon.com

Mothers, sisters, daughters, and historical figures alike who fought, often into obscurity, for justice and equality. Women have risked their lives to secure the rights of children, workers, for our nation and fellow women.

Thanks to the work of progressive female writers, women earned some of the fundamental rights given to men and many began taking note of their talent instead of their gender.

Female writers have given us some of the greatest novels, short stories, poems, films and essays ever written. In centuries past, Female writers struggled to get their work noticed, so a few resorted to various forms of concealment. Some used male pen names, initials or remained anonymous so that their work wouldn’t be discounted because they were women.