National Reading Group Month

October is National Reading Group Month! Take your love of reading to the next level by joining a reading group or book club in your local community.

Not sure how to locate a reading group near you?  Meetup is an excellent way to locate your local book lovers and join reading forces.  Meetup is a free networking site that allows users to locate others with similar interests for a variety of group events.  While some groups may charge a nominal joining fee, there is no cost associated with setting up an account and many groups are free of charge for members.

Another way to find a reading group is to check with your local library or bookstores.  Many have reading groups or would be interesting in hosting such a group.

If no options exist in your area, then take advantage of today’s technology and start an online reading group.  Most social media platforms allow users to create a group online where members can participate in discussions.  This is a simple and free way to connect with the book lovers in your life, no matter where they may be.  This option also allows participants to share on topics when it is convenient, rather than trying to schedule a time that works for all members.