Literary Tea Author Guidelines

WNBA-LA Members who would like to read at one of the two esteemed Literary Salons hosted by WNBA-LA?

Here are the following requirements:

1.       Authors must be published by a reputable publisher (to be determined by WNBA-LA Board) and their book be available for distribution via at least one of the major literary distributors that are popular amongst traditional book and mortar booksellers.

2.       Author must agree to read a book of theirs that has been published within the last year.

3.       Authors must agree that the topic of their book is timely and relevant to the topic & theme discussed at the planned Literary Salon & Tea. This information will be given to members/ authors by the board members/committee in charge of the event.

4.       Authors must be in good standing with the WNBA-LA and be a current member that is up-to-date with dues.

5.       Authors must have hardcover or paperback books available to sell via the bookstore of WNBA-LA’s choosing. We do not take authors whose books are only available via E-book. We do not take books to sell on consignment. In rare occasions the author may work this out with the bookseller in advance.

6.       Authors must have a social media presence and be willing to promote their book and our event to their own social media following and platform.

7.       Authors must be able to garner a crowd of at least 3 paying guests to the event.

8.       Authors should note that there is no honorarium and this is a wonderful opportunity to promote and sell your book as well as be a part of an organization that has a 100 year standing in the literary community.

9.       Acceptable genres are fiction and CREATIVE non-fiction.

10.     Books/ author proposals for event consideration must be submitted in January for the April event and in July for the November event.