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Kibkabe ArayaMultimedia journalist, WNBA-LA, Vice President

Kibkabe Araya is a multimedia journalist whose work appeared in Essence, The Seattle Times and Sacramento Bee. With expertise in California business, legal and health care news, she works as an editor at a daily newspaper in Los Angeles. Outside the newsroom, she’s currently querying a new adult novel and a young adult novel while outlining a third novel.

WNBA is important to her because of her love for reading and writing. To her, finding a community of women who also enjoy literary culture keeps us all motivated in fulfilling our literary goals.

Nancy Blaha

My first novel  Finding James’ came out several months ago on AMAZON.

‘Finding James’ is a story about a women who suffered the tragic loss of her twin brother eight years ago. A death which she still blames herself for. Since then, she has tried to shove the pain and guilt away, while slowly building a new life for herself, far from Easley.

But she knew the time would come when she’d be forced to leave Southern California and go back to her South Carolina hometown, staring the truth in the face again.

Could Karen have prevented James’ death? Was it truly her fault and could she ever forgive herself, all the while living in the shadow of her mother’s and father’s own mistakes?

Finding James is a heart-wrenching story about love, loss, faith and hope with a twist that will touch every reader.

I am married and live in Anaheim, CA with my husband Jeff where for many years we both have been involved in drug and alcohol recovery groups helping set the background for Finding James.

Finding James is now available on Amazon.

Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley is an author, blogger, memoirist and interviewer. She is the author of The Gift of Crisis, a memoir which chronicles her story of identifying the underlying purpose of ongoing financial crisis and the meditation practice which helped to overcome the crisis. Bridgitte earned a psychology degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, where she continues to write about spirituality and personal growth and works as a writer, author, ghostwriter and screenwriter. Visit:

Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley was one of 8.8 million people who lost their jobs and experienced foreclosure in The Great Recession. With her back against the wall, faced with challenges many of us would find hard to survive, Bridgitte realized the only place she could go was within―exactly where she needed to go. The Gift of Crisis will show how to explore crisis as a tool for courageous change, with self-love and self-compassion, how repeated catastrophes can serve as a catalyst to uncover the underlying purpose, and how questions posed during a meditative state can reveal answers that can redirect your life.  Practical and deeply inspiring, this book shows you how meditation and prayer can assist during any type of crisis as a means of reaching for a calmer, clearer, more courageous and purposeful life. Buy the book:

Bernadene High Coleman – Author

Born in Post-Prohibition rural Louisiana, Bernadene High Coleman grew up in Los Angeles where she continued her education at Loyola Marymount and California State LA.

Ever with a passion for books and reading, she has set out to chronicle the events she first heard about in her youth. Her first published work in the form of a novel, Mama Rose, through word of mouth, has sold thousands of copies…

With a first collection of poems entitled, Listen My Children, along with a follow-up second novel, I Leave You My Dreams, this author now counts Beyond Color as the fourth of her titles now available.

Ms. Coleman, a widow, mother of three, and grandmother of eight, currently resides in California where she continues to write and speak.

Paperback – Click to purchase book – Visit website: CLICK HERE

Jackie Connor – From a very early age, I developed a passion for expressing my thoughts and creativity through writing. It officially started in Atlanta, Georgia with my fifth-grade teacher, who read a long-form fictional story I wrote about a brother and sister who become lost on a tropical island. After moving to Austin, Texas, I continued to pursue my passion for writing and also expanded on my love for music. Finally, I landed in sunny Southern California where, I pursued a more aquatic passion that rivals writing (surfing) and, for more than 10 years, I also dove headfirst into the wide world of journalism writing for local print and digital news outlets, magazines. I also created a personal surf blog that satiates my surf journalism itch. During the day, I write about all things innovation and research from the University of California, Irvine …at night, I dream of my next nature-based adventure.

Natalie Obando-Desai– Publicist, Author, Screenwriter, Former WNBA/LA President

Natalie Obando-Desai is a Public Relations expert and the author of How to Get Publicity for Your Book. She has been a panelist and speaker at some of the most well-regarded literary conferences in the industry including the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, The West Coast Writer’s Conference and the Central Coast Writer’s Conference. Natalie is also a judge for several book awards including the highly sought Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publisher’s Association. For more information about Natalie’s publicity work

Liz Donatelli – book publicist

Liz Donatelli is a book publicist with Liz D Publicity & Promotions and the founding director of Shirley You Jest! Book Awards and Book’d in Burbank literary event. Her bookish pursuits include The Guilty Ladies Book Club and The Jane Austen Society of North America. A native New Yorker, Liz lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

Websites: &
Twitter: – Facebook:

Cali Gilbert – author, photographer, social entrepreneur

Cali Gilbert is a #1 International Bestselling author, award winning photographer and social entrepreneur. As the creator of the IT’S SIMPLY book series, Cali has published several books of her own and now serves other writers through her company, Serendipity Publishing House. Cali’s photography has been exhibited in galleries across the United States. She holds a Master’s degree in Sport Management and has traveled the globe as a former figure skater and magazine publisher. A resident of Santa Monica, California, Cali enjoys serving her community, especially women in transition and youth programs.

Publisher: Serendipity Publishing House
AMAZON: CLICK HERE – To learn more, visit

Diana Giovinazzo – Author, Blogger, Podcast Host

Through her blog, Creating Herstory, Diana Giovinazzo Tierney explores women’s history and historical fiction. One half of the dynamic literary podcasting duo at Wine, Women, and Words, they discuss literature and wine with the help of various guests. Diana is currently working on her first novel, The Woman in Red: A Novel of Anita Garibaldi.


Alma Hudson – Author

Alma started writing in college, writing for the college newspaper. She was very much encouraged to write by her high school instructor Mr. Walker. He saw much potential in her and asked her at each high school reunion, “Why aren’t you writing?”

Because Alma grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s, living through many issues that have shaped the way she is today, brought about positive change in America, and that are in the forefront of the news today; she wrote her first book, Checkered Fence.” She wanted to document that era and bring positive discussion to these issues. Checkered Fences is a story that tells of an interracial romance in the 1970’s and the struggles encountered during that period of change. This book is based upon her personal experiences.

Her second book is called The Trouble with Change. It’s a thriller/suspense crime story and is also based upon her personal experiences. The message she wants to send out to the world and to let everyone suffering from domestic violence know is that there is hope even when you think things are hopeless.

She enjoys writing stories that affect Urban Communities, but these stories are colorless and could happen to anyone. To show diversity in her writing style, she’s currently writing a third book, a comedy. She possesses an Associate’s and Bachelor of Arts Degrees and lives with her two children and husband, Eugene in Lancaster, California.

Paperback: Purchase Book Visit websites: CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

Karen Holly– Attorney, Author, Screenwriter

Karen Holly has been an attorney with firms in San Francisco and Los Angeles and currently has her own practice. For several years she was vice president of MovieMaker Magazine and published articles related to the entertainment industry, including “How To Write Great Comedy.” She wrote an award-winning feature screenplay and produced two short comedy films, but her greatest love has always been books. Her first novel was published in 2013, and her second one is near completion. Being part of WNBA gives her a chance to contribute to a wonderful group that recognizes the importance of promoting literacy in the world and supporting writers and books that can make a difference.

Constance Caruso Hutchinson – Author

Native of Brooklyn, Constance Caruso took the asset of her first generation Sicilian culture and ran with it, leaving behind all cliches associated with the Italians of 1930s America. Brooklyn College, UCLA, and a number of Writers’ Workshops honed the craft that resulted in release of her first book at the age of 83. Her story is not for sissies. With grit and determination, she gives evidence that where we come from doesn’t necessarily hamper what we are able to accomplish. Constance resides in Los Angeles and continues to enjoy family, friends and an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Contact: – Purchase Book: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Author House

Ezina LeBlanc– WNBA/LA President, Author, Singer-Songwriter, Screenwriter, Producer

Ezina LeBlanc is an American media personality, author, actor, musician and filmmaker. She studied political science and business at the University of Michigan and went on to study opera at the world famous Juilliard School of Music.  She is the creator of Guitar Goddess Magazine, The 40 Day Book Challenge, Indie Artist Bootcamp and the host of the Guitar GoddessRadio.

She is the author of more than twenty books, including the Indie Artist Bootcamp Series, Simplistic Bliss Series as well as numerous poetry and cookbooks. Her latest book, Grow Your Star, teaches people how to shine a light on their gifts and to live a heart-centered life.

Ezina resides in Calabasas, California with her husband, 2 children, and numerous fur babies. Visit:

Havilah Malone – Author

Havilah Malone is the #1 Best Selling Author of, “How to Become a Publicity Magnet : In Any Market via TV, Radio & Print” and co-Author of the Think & Grow Rich children’s classic, “The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill” based on Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success. The Inspirational Speaker, TV Personality & former Ms. Louisiana Universal is on a mission to be a catalyst for positive change in over 2 Billion people’s lives. Ms. Malone’s viral Motivational Goalcast video “We Are All Running Out of Time” surpassed 1 Million Views! She is a recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award Gold Medal, has guest starred on NCIS: New Orleans and Hosts the weekly inspirational video podcast “Havilah & Friends”. Havilah’s nurturing spirit, inspirational voice and magnetizing personality inspire people to “Be Proof Of What’s Possible”. The multi-talented millennial powerhouse has also been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, the Huffington Post & more! Visit:

Books Available on Amazon:

“How to Become a Publicity Magnet in Any Market via TV, Radio & Print”

“The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill” based on Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success
(Spanish Version)

Jessica Joy Reveles– Writer, Copy Editor, Communications expert.

Jessica is a seasoned writer and copy editor with 15 years of marketing and communications experience including content development, SEO, sales and digital publishing across fashion & beauty, health & wellness and lifestyle. She has worked with major international brands such as the Magic Johnson Foundation, FAB NY, Joe’s Jeans, Life After Denim, Macadamia Professional, Little Giraffe, Santa Monica College, FIDM, General Assembly, Book Fuel and more. For more information about her company, visit


Joan Jackson – Author, Writer

Joan Jackson was raised in Ohio, taught French, and managed a French Tahitian export company in Oregon. Now a free-lance writer, she has published several magazine articles, written a collection of short stories, and is currently working on her second novel, Just in Time. She and her husband live in West Los Angeles.

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