A Special Invite from The BookFest Team!

WNBA-LA member Desiree Duffy invites the members of WNBA to do scary readings at her upcoming The BookFest®, Fall 2020.

Your “scary” reading can be from a creepy or suspenseful part of your book, from a WIP, flash fiction, or even a poem or something creative. The Reading Room is being sponsored by the LA Chapter of the Horror Writers Association and Vertikal Life Magazine.

Want to participate? Just record your video in advance and upload it to this One Drive folder.

 A few tips:

  • Videos are recommended to be no longer than 5 minutes. 
  • Feel free to dress in costume or use props.
  • Hold up your book to show the cover.
  • Do be aware of lighting, sound, and video quality. 

If you have tech questions, reach out to hello@labookfest.com. All videos are due by October 14th to ensure we have time to upload them all.

The videos will premiere with The BookFest® on Saturday, October 24th, and stay up on the site after the fest. They will also be uploaded to the Books That Make You YouTube Channel. The team will give the videos a big push shortly after The BookFest for the Halloween weekend. 

Take advantage of this FREE promotional opportunity and help celebrate the Halloween season.

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