Webinar- How To Edit

If you’ve missed out on the first two webinars in our May “Invest in Your Writing Skills” webinars, you are in luck because there are more to come!  Join us for a virtual opportunity to learn “How to Edit” your work with tips and tricks of the trade shared by Zoe Quinton.

The topics for Wednesday’s (5/20 @7pm) webinar include how to self-edit your manuscript before either hiring an independent editor, querying your manuscript, or self-publishing. That will include such things to look out for as head hopping and other issues with point of view, relying too heavily on adverbs and dialogue tags, over- and underuse of exposition, and how to watch for signs of these and other problems when editing your own work.

Zoe Quinton is a literary strategist, helping authors and companies tell their stories more effectively through editing, consulting, and copywriting.  She lives in Santa Cruz, CA, where she is raising two small humans and enjoys trail running, drinking too much coffee, and growing all the plants. Visit Zoe on Facebook and Instagram for more info!