Webinar- What Publishing Track is Right for You?

Our first webinar “Write That Memoir!” was a success!  If you missed out, don’t worry as WNBA-LA has more amazing programming as part of the “Invest in Your Writing Skills” series during the month of May.  Next on the schedule will be “What Publishing Track is Right for You?” (5/13 @ 7pm).  Remember, all upcoming webinars will be free for WNBA-LA members and $10 for nonmembers.  Join now to save money and “Invest in Your Writing Skills”.

Natalie Obando will be leading us in a journey to discover which publishing format will best meet the needs of your writing.

Traditional Publishing, Indie Publishing, Self-Publishing—Which makes the most sense for you?

What are the major differences for traditionally published, indie published and self-published books? Where will you make the most money? What are the pros and cons for each?

After working with hundreds of authors across all publishing mediums, Natalie has taken note as to what each publishing medium provides. This workshop will dive into each publishing option and highlight what each takes to be a successful author using any of them.

More About Natalie:

Natalie Obando is the founder of Do Good Public Relations and the author of How to Get Publicity for Your Book. Her decade’s long passion for pitching and writing has most recently led her to option her own pilot for a television series and attain representation for her writing.

She has been a panelist and speaker at some of the most well-regarded literary conferences in the industry and also a judge for several book awards. Natalie is the immediate past president of the Women’s National Book Association’s Los Angeles chapter and now serves as the organization’s national vice president. She is the founder and co-host of the podcast, Women of Color Writers.

Natalie is passionate about writing, the literary landscape, media and making a difference by amplifying marginalized voices through writing.